T9 - New Year's day 2008: 43 billion of sms have been sent, reconrding an increase by 30%


G&P is a Swiss based, internationally operating strategic counseling, networking, marketing, executive search, and corporate finance company operating in the heigh tech, telecommunication, life sciences and financial industries.

We mix the unmixable, make bridges among minds.
We talk to the scientist, the physician, the manager.
We understand their ideas, turn them into effective business plans, bring the bankers on board.
And implement them.

We create value by:
crafting our customers' strategy
enlarging their network
improving their image
giving them media visibility
putting them in touch with financial institutions
transmitting technological know how
providing them with key personnel

The minds integrators
We network with the decision makers of the high tech, financial and media worlds

Because we help them decide

Our international legacy
Switzerland is a bridge among cultures and countries
we put companies on this bridge
and make them prosper on the other side