Aspirin - 50 billion tablets produced worldwide, equivalent to about 50,000 tonnes; and sinde it was patented at the end of the 19th century, a trillion (a million billion) tablets have been consumed.


Tecnopolo Lugano has one simple goal: to bolster the development of biotech and high tech companies in Ticino, making the region attractive internationally. It accomplishes this by:
Offering office space in its location at subsidized rate, to high tech companies whose needs go beyond that of an incubator, but nevertheless require further counseling and help.
Proposing services to its member companies, from telecommunication, to HR, marketing, administrative and legal, in order to make them more competitive.
Creating and maintaining a worldwide technology network, for the benefit of all parties involved.

Tecnopolo Lugano is member of the Swiss Techno park Alliance. Its founder is BSI Bank SA. It is open to partnership with private and public entities that share the same goals, first and foremost the City of Lugano.